Random Magic by Sasha Soren

Random Magic - Sasha Soren

Random Magic is unlike anything I have ever read. It is an adventure story full of magic. The way it is put together is magical in itself.


I really loved the writing and the language in Random Magic. It is witty, humorous and sarcastic. Its beauty lies in its unusualness. Random Magic is a kaleidoscope of references to basically everything from strict or absent-minded teachers, mythology, literature, history and science, to sports, technology and modern world’s every day life of ordinary people.


Henry is an average boy with a sound, although sometimes slow, sense of logic. He is not particularly good or bad at school; he gets bored during classes, struggles with some subjects, sneaks out of his room in the middle of the night, likes some teachers and fears the others. He is moderately adventurous, but his natural curiosity draws him into the adventure of his life. He is good-natured and always willing to help, but a little clumsy and sometimes too slow to react or too quick to speak, which often gets him into trouble.


Winnie is an atypical girl, with a strong common sense. She is resourceful, smart, helpful and fearless. She is a girl who never gives up and finds a way out of every predicament. She makes Henry and the reader see things in a new light. She breaks down stereotypes and prejudice. Winnie is the driving force of Random Magic and even though Henry just seems to tag along, together they make an invincible team. Winnie is a strong person, because she is hardened from always being alone, so she finds it hard to show weakness. She is open-minded, loyal, generous and ready to open her heart to those who deserve it. She shows the reader the worth of making sacrifices to achieve our goals and help people we love.


Random Magic is an exceptional book in every aspect. It demands a lot of focus while reading, but the effort is well rewarded. It makes you laugh and cry, but most of all reminds you not to ever give up love and most of all hope.


RECOMMENDATION: Random Magic is a complex, beautifully written book with an amazing plotline and characters which re-teaches a few forgotten life lessons and enchants the reader with the forgotten wonders of the world.


Originally posted on my blog, Beyond Strange New Words.