Kings Rising (The Captive Prince #3) by C. S. Pacat

Kings Rising: Book Three of the Captive Prince Trilogy - C.S. Pacat

Note: The book reviewed contains themes only appropriate for those over the age of 18.


With Damen’s identity revealed, he and Laurent must now face their usurpers while their fragile alliance is put to test by themselves, their allies, and their enemies.


I was very happy to discover that I had been right about one thing. And very unhappy that I also called the second thing, which… makes the Regent an (even more than you thought) utterly despicable character. Poor Laurent.


There really is nothing more to say that I haven’t said in my reviews of the first two books. In Kings Rising, Pacat continues to beautifully develop the characters and their relationships amidst the turmoil of the political plots.


I loved seeing how far Damen and Laurent have come from the beginning, becoming their better selves with each other’s help: Laurent opening up and learning to trust, and Damen learning to play dirty (so to speak) and cunningly; and still they both remain themselves, only stronger. But mostly, I loved how much they were willing to do for each other, including sacrificing their lives for the other.


Again, I loved how the other characters were incorporated in the story that took some unpredictable turns. The ending was perhaps a little rushed, but fitting and satisfying: as the fight against their usurpers got more and more personal, it felt right that the epic battles of the second book were replaced with (much) smaller-scaled ones, but with much bigger stakes for both protagonists.


Here, at the end of the series, I want to say a word about the writing, which does suffer from a few mishaps and one or two inconsistencies.


However, considering how fast I read the series (Kings Rising only took me a day and a half!), unable to put the books down once I started them, I can say those didn’t take anything away from the overall enjoyment of the story and its overwhelming emotional impact (I admit, I’ve slammed the five stars button on an emotional high), especially in lieu of the otherwise often exquisite style that only enhances the beauty of this story. And all that more than warrants not retracting a star from my rating.


Finally, I hear there will be short stories. Actually, one already exists and I bribed myself to write this review by promising myself Green But for a Season as a reward. Which I will get to, shortly. :)