An Ideal Husband

An Ideal Husband - Oscar Wilde An excellent socially critical satire, although a little silly at times. It falls flat in the end, however, due to the requirements of the genre and the time in which it was written. (Of course, it all ends well and comes full circle back to the initial status as if none of the drama in between happened - in particularly Lady Chiltern's discovery of her husband's past that makes her feel like she has never know him, but in the end she simply forgets about it and everything is fine. Meh.)

On the other hand, men's flaws of character still tend to be dismissed as simple youthful mistakes and bear little to no consequences nowadays - and that is only beginning to change - while they are being lauded and rewarded for their 'achievements', which makes An Ideal Husband pretty current.

Add a pinch of pure good old fashioned sexism and misogyny that doesn't even sound satirical (although it might be satirical just because it doesn't? I am not sure; I might have to reread it some day) towards the end.

Yes, An Indeal Husband truly managed to remind me of my disillusionment with the world, despite the fact that the ending was, I believe, supposed to leave the viewer/reader content.