Surviving with Wolves by Misha Defonseca

Surviving with Wolves - Misha Defonseca

I read this book before finding out that it was made up. I thought it was incredible. Realizing it was all a lie shocked me.


I did not know what to think at first. Fictional WW II novels are being written all the time and it is nothing wrong with making up a story about that time which could be true. What bothers me is the lie. The author selling this as her own experience, although it was not, casts a bad light on the book. It would be all right if the author just presented it as her work of fiction.


Nevertheless, I am glad I read this book and I still like it very much. If looked upon as a work of fiction, it is a great book. Some plot elements are exaggerated, but for the most part Mishke’s story could truly happen. After all, anything is possible in this world. And I know plenty of strange things that happened during WW II that I think this story would certainly be possible in those particular circumstances.


RECOMMENDATION: If you take this book as a work of fiction, Surviving with Wolves is an intriguing narrative of a story that could happen during WW II. It is a fast read with some poignant and straightforward passages about people’s nature.


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