Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark #1) by Kresley Cole

A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole

From the first pages, when we witness Lachlain escape the vampire dungeons, to the last scenes of quite a different way of escape, A Hunger Like No Other is a thoroughly absorbing book.In the beginning, I felt uneasy to some extent with initial erotic descriptions, especially because of a particular exaggeration in terms of size is redundant on my opinion. Apart from that, Kresley Cole handles sexuality well. She does not overdo sexually explicit scenes and she incorporates them into the story not just for their own sake, but uses them to function partly as a respite from graver themes and partly as a tool supplying explanations for the main characters’ behaviour or actions.


RECOMMENDATION: This paranormal romance is a suspenseful story about fulfilling one’s destiny and the fight between forces of good and evil, and is an absolutely enjoyable story for everyone not too squeamish about sexually explicit scenes.


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