Slovenia 1945: Memories of Death and Survival After World War II by John Corsellis and Marcus Ferrar

Slovenia, 1945: Memories of Death and Survival after World War II - John Corsellis

I read this book a few years ago. This is not the kind of book I can say whether I like it or not, hence three stars. To me, the subject of this book was nothing new, as the events it examines have, sadly, still a strong impact on life in Slovenia.


Fortunately, the author, not being Slovenian, is capable of detaching himself from a position of judgement. Instead, he rather states the facts and leaves the past to the past.


The strongest attribute of this book is it being written objectively. Though the author personally witnessed some of the events, he is capable to present the events in an emotionally invested, yet objective way.


It is an exceptional book about the darkest era of a nation, and therefore it is a very emotional read.