Bait - Jade West Perhaps even 4.5 stars.

Abigail and Leo start off in a way that would have been doomed to end badly, but it works out in this poignant story and that in a most heart-tugging way, and I absolutely loved it.

They both loved hard and lost harder and were left with demons that end up playing well with each other, making them start living again after having barely existed for a time. Or, as the story puts it, they are two broken people whose jagged pieces fit together. And perfectly so.

With well-crafted plot and characterisation and more than solid writing that sometimes ventures into poetic (and I mean that as a compliment), this was a beautiful story that left me with such warm feelings that still make me smile.

That said, the sex scenes in this story are something else - let me just say some parts made my insides (and other body parts) hurt. Don't try this at home, kids. But it is what makes this story what it is.

Hence, Bait is yet another proof that Jade West does unconventional/dark romance so very well.