Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies - Jade West This book is definitely a case of when you shouldn't judge a book by the title or the cover, because neither of them does this wonderful story justice.

Is there, as the author puts it, filthy smut? Sure is. But there is also so much more.

A heroine with an actual personality who is smart and knows what she wants and doesn't relinquish her dreams and/or becomes a doormat when you throw a d*** (or two) and some money at her? Check.

Men who actually treat the woman with respect and honour her wishes and needs and don't scream 'me, Tarzan, my p****!'? Check.

Multi-dimensional, well-developed characters, both main and supporting ones, who change and grow through the story? Check.

Well thought-through backgrounds that fit the characters and help make sense of them? Check.

A story that goes well beyond the romantic trio getting together, with parts and elements that were tragic and touching (and beautiful) that they made me cry (one and a half times)? Check.

A side serving of a human and animal friendship that melted my heart? Check.

And all of it well-written? Check, as well.

Basically, erotica the way I like it best. Well done, Ms. West, you got yourself a new reader.

(I have to note, though, that this wasn't the first book by this author I read - I gave it a shot because I fairly liked one I had read before, but this one exceeded my expectations.)