The King

The King - Tiffany Reisz 4.5? I mean, if it wasn't for that let's-pick-a-random-middle/eastern-European-where-bad-things-happen-to-good-western-people thing (seriously, this part of the world is not just one giant lawless mob nest!)

However, by the end of the book I almost forgot about that fail, because it was so good otherwise. We got to learn more of Kinglsey's and Soren's story after they reconnected (Gosh, these two!) and the beginning of Kingley's empire as well as found out more about Sam and Kingsley's friendship with her, all of which was so good and finally cemented my liking of Kingsely (it was a bit of a long, winding road, but I love him now.)

I loved this concept of storytelling as the major part of the novel is a story Kingsley tells Grace - and that's yet another dynamic/friendship I got to love in this story. And seeing everyone so happy and accepting of each other and the 'situation' always makes me so happy.

And then, of course, to no surprise at all, Kingsley (whose destination I guessed) knows about 'that thing' and seems quite all right with it. What an ending! So, on to the next book it is!