The Mistress

The Mistress  - Tiffany Reisz Definitely the most intense part of the series! Firstly, for Nora's predicament with actually life-threatening implications. And, consequently, for all the people it brought together to mount her rescue and all the different dynamics we got to see between them.

I loved seeing all these different people playing off one another, even the villains, but my favourite were Wesley (I finally warmed up to him!) and Laila and Soren and Grace.

I kind of suspected that what we learned at the end might/could happen, so it was more a pleasant confirmation than a surprise to me. As this is an unusual story about unusual loves (yes, in plural), I found myself being perfectly okay with it - more than that, it made me so happy for everyone, because I think it will make all the involved characters happy as well.

Talking about the unusual, the writing of this series is very unique, intertwining varied amounts of present and past and different characters' POVs, but it certainly fits the story.

All in all, I came to this series for erotica but it has surprised me by turning out so much more than that and quite different from what I had expected. Ultimately, it is a story about love, albeit one far from conventional, but absolutely beautiful, and it's leaving me with warm and fuzzy feelings. I'll definitely continue to the pre/sequels, probably sooner rather than later.