Angels' Blood

Angels' Blood  - Nalini Singh This, this is the angel series I was looking for without knowing. Cue flailing, squeeing, and sighing. Not sure if/when I will be capable of a coherent review.

What an astounding world-building. And the mythology! And breath-taking visuals. Battles. Gruesome details, not for the weak of stomach.

I liked the less is more in terms of steamy scenes, and the romance was sizzling, together with banter and bickering and all, and also went straight to the heart.

(These were the notes I forgot to copy paste from Word when I finished the book, so I'm writing this 'review' after I've already read book 7 - but, darn, what a beginning it was! And everything that follows just builds and improves on it. )

A more through review perhaps on a reread that will surely happen some day.