Archangel's Blade

Archangel's Blade  - Nalini Singh 4 stars only because it just can't get better than Raphael and Elena (who left me speechless; hence, no reviews for Books 2 and 3 so far.)

Also, it was a bit too repetitive with the information on the world-building and mythology, but that was probably just me because I'm binge-reading and the reminders would probably be more than welcome had I read it a year after the previous book like when they were first released.

Now, since I've been spoiled (to no one's fault but mine), I'm taking double precautions as to not spoil anyone else, because I can't review this without spoilers. Seriously, do NOT read further.

I was a little unsure about how the author will pull off reincarnation, but she did it, building it organically with mounting memories and flashbacks. And, given that the series's world has angels, vampires, AND humans with extra senses/abilities, I can buy a sort-of reincarnation as well, why not. Especially with being shown how Honor/Ingrede has changed just as much as Dmitri. I really liked that despite being reincarnated she is no longer only Ingrede, but she is above all, Honor.

All in all, I loved the story, even as my heart bled for both Dmitri and Honor with what they've been through. But, luckily, there was snark to counter it and glimpses of other beloved characters and all ended well in the only possible way, as I don't think anything more mundane or less intense than a love story spanning a millennium would fit Dmitri.