Archangel's Legion

Archangel's Legion  - Nalini Singh *flails*

What I love so much about Raphael and Elena is that, unlike so many couples in romance, they communicate. Even when one of them wants to close up, the other never lets themselves be shut out.

I love the strength of their relationship – of course, they fight and then compromise and sometimes they get their ways, but all of it just makes it more real.

And I love what they have become, how they have become better, both individually and together. Especially Raphael, who would now rather reject power than become someone he doesn’t want to be (and I also liked his delightful new sense of humour).

Archangel's Legion also brought stunning battle scenes along with real consequences, and the story in general evoked so many emotions.

It was great to see five of the seven along with some other characters.

In the end, the story offers a surprising explanation for the title of the book, but I’m not saying anything more about it than that I liked it.

The book ends with a bit of a promising set-up for the continuation of the series but without a cliffhanger. And so I think this is good place for me to take a break, because I need it after binging through 6 books in 15 days (it was so good I just couldn’t stop reading, okay.)