Angels' Flight (Guild Hunter, #0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 3.5)

Angels' Flight (Guild Hunter, #0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 3.5) - Nalini Singh 3.5 stars for Angel's Pawn aka Ashiwini and Janvier's 'adventure' in Atlanta, with a ‘bit’ of flirting. ;) Loved it.

Also 3.5 for Angels’ Judgement, which I think would have been more enjoyable had I read it before the novels, but it was still interesting to see how Sara became the Guild Director and how Deacon and she got together since mentions of them are all over the series.

Solid 4 stars for Angel’s Wolf. I was really looking forward to Noel’s story and it didn’t disappoint. Also, many thanks to Nalini Singh for making me cry for a totally unexpected reason. Yep, I can read people being slaughtered and not bat an eye but have a kitty die and I cry a river.

And finally 4-4.5 stars for Angel’s Dance, which I didn’t expect to like so much and I’m not sure if I’d like it as much had I read it as the first in the series as intended. Jessamy and Galen’s story was amazing. I loved learning both more about them, together and individually. In particularly Galen, since he is such an integral part of Raphael’s people. And then, of course, it was great seeing the early era of Raphael consolidating his archangelic status and territory with all the other ‘little’ matters like Alexander’s Sleep and Illium’s affair, not to mention young Aodhan.

All in all, these four novellas fabulously complemented the novels.