The V Girl

The V Girl - Mya Robarts Maybe 3.5? The book is what it says: a coming-of-age story and as such it is perfectly fine. I missed a bit more background and historical world-building information and a certain issue was a little too conveniently hand-waved in favour of a nice ending.

Also, I couldn't quite take Aleksey completely seriously, since the way he was described made me imagine him as, um:



As for Lila, she was a great teen heroine who's maturing and learning about herself. The issues she faced were dealt with both authentically and realistically, considering her point of view. However, I would also want to see other people's take, because I find it hard to believe that everyone else was either resigned to how things were, or sticking their heads in the sand, or simply evil.

All in all, as the story of Lila's fight for body integrity and her growing-up and finding love, The V Girl is not only solid, but compelling, but I would have liked to learn more about the world of the story and its people. Hence, I would definitely return to anything more set in this sort of world by this author.