Beyond Shame

Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha So, while I am reading the last book in the series less than a month after I read the first one, I remembered I hadn't reviewed this one. But I did make notes in a Word doc and this is basically copy-pasted, apart from punctuation:

Porn with plot, what a pleasant surprise! I liked Jasper from the start, Noelle grew on to me quickly as well, they had interesting character dynamics. Not very elaborate world-building, but with just enough details to give it a tangible feel and make it intriguing. Definitely continuing the series. (Plus, it was hot as f***.)

Ha! Ha!

In hindsight, this series caught me completely by surprise. I had expected a no-brainer erotica, but was, instead, ambushed by these freakishly lovable characters and an incredibly rich world.

(Lol @ self and 'not very elaborate world-building' first impression - obviously it was built enough to get me to binge-read the entire series in a month.)

Therefore, don't be mislead by thinking this book (and especially those that come after) is just another easy-on-the-brain hot smut: it is that, but also so much, much more, starting with a very insightful social commentary regarding the hypocrisy of moral purists to a plethora of other aspects of life very much present in our own real world.