Debt Inheritance

Debt Inheritance - Pepper Winters Okay, the concept took a bit of a twist or two at the end that made it make more sense, but I maintain that the protagonist's predicament could have been avoided had people been less selfish (i.e. informing the next generation so they could prevent another generation from happening: ending the lineage by having no more children = no more women left to pay off the debt/end of story and suffering. FFS.)

See, that's why I find it so hard to find a good story of the type, because I think too hard for something that's meant to be a mindless read. Except that for a mindless read there is a considerable (i.e. total) lack of sex, so it doesn't even have that to make up for the lack of a tight plot/concept.

Nevertheless, it's still better than whatever I'd tried of the sub-genre before, and the characterisation and the dynamics between Jethro an Nila are starting to show some promise, so I'm giving the series further chance to convince me (as I'm writing this three chapters into the second instalment.)