Shadow's Seduction

Shadow's Seduction - Kresley Cole Darn it, Kresley! Why end it there?!

Anyway, 5 stars to counter the homophobic assholes giving it one-star ratings without even reading it.

(FYI, GR has this nifty feature which allows you to not rate a book at all even if marking it 'read' and that other one where you can create shelves, name them whatever you want, and make them exclusive - e.g. a 'won't read b/c i hate the idea' book shelf - so you can still catalogue it (though, why would you in this particular case) - and note your thoughts, again, possibly without rating it. But I assume people still would give 1 star ratings out of spite because god forbid someone enjoyed something they don't. Oh well, haters gonna hate.)

Although, actually, it comes close to 5 stars anyway, despite the abrupt ending that made me grit my teeth for a second before I thought better of it and realised that it actually ended in a perfect place. Because Mina will have to be found in her own story, which I assume will be the next in The Dacians series. Also, I think the 'unfathomable' reward for finding her will be Mina herself and/or the acceptance of her mate who will be the one to actually find her/collect the reward.

But anyway. Cas and Mirceo. And their frustrating insecurities while it was slowly revealed to us as readers as well as to themselves how much the have in common and how well they fit together. I loved their story so much.

Poor Cas with his terrible past and culturally-ingrained fear he would be seen as less for having a male mate. But I loved that he made himself and grew into his confidence.

In addition, it was fun seeing Lothaire and his quirks and Ellie managing him. Also loved seeing Bettina and learning of what happened to Kristoff.

Oh, and I loved how she explained same-sex mates (as in, it's nothing to explain) and even worked out how they can have progeny in a very no-nonsense pseudo-scientific (aka some magic instead of medicine plus a surrogate mother does the trick) way that works within the universe.

Again, more than well done, Ms. Cole!