The Professional

The Professional - Kresley Cole I was so annoyed by all the miscommunication, or lack of communication, issues on both characters’ sides, but maybe even slightly more with the way Natalie was written, because one would think that someone who is pursuing a PhD in her area of expertise would have enough social skills/emotional intelligence to put some things together on their own or at least be better at expressing her feelings. (Although, okay, highly intelligent scientists do often have problems with exactly that; but still, considering her field…)

Also, all her complaining about whiling away and having nothing to do made me eye roll, because again, she’s an intelligent, educated person, with high-end tech devices at her disposal that could and therefore plenty of reading/study material at her fingertips. And if she wanted/needed physical books, I bet she only had to mention it to Aleks and he’s have a truckload delivered at her feet.
There was also her indecisiveness that irked me.

But, somehow, I ended up loving her.

Because, all things said, trust Kresley Cole to make a whole bunch of annoying things paying off in the end in an utterly fulfilling way, which is why the 3-star rating I had in mind up until 85% of the book got bumped to 4 stars.

I loved Kresley’s take on the poor girl with newly found billionaire father mafia falls for the said father right-hand trope, along with the danger and luxury and the adjustments and struggles that come with it.

Even though I totally picked it up for the smut (yes, I admit), but all of it made up for a very intriguing story and who would think mob bosses would make me feel for them so much.

So, all in all, a great read.