Beyond Control

Beyond Control  - Kit Rocha OMG. Dallas and Lex. These two dum-dums (mostly Dallas, but Lex, too, sometimes) and their struggle for control while all they really need all along is each other. (The misunderstandings are maybe the only thing I'd take away a star or a half for, because those generally make me more or less mad - in this case less, because the angst and tension they made up was mostly of the good kind.)

The vastly expanded world-building was very intriguing with the look at some other players and their power plays for control in a more mundane sense of the word as we got to learn more about other sectors and players.

Also, I loved all the insights into several other characters and their relationships which showed so much potential for future books in the series.

So, all in all, 4.5 stars, maybe? And oh, yeah, I totally read the second half of the book this single afternoon because it got so intense I couldn't stop reading until I finished it.